EXTINCTION WITNESS was initiated 2012 in recognition of the naturally complicated and conflicted human emotional and spiritual response to species extinction resulting from human activity. The original vision included an online community to help support and connect individuals and groups engaged in a wealth of responses including group meditation, art, and permaculture.

EXTINCTION WITNESS is a non-dogmatic spiritual practice in the Quaker tradition—to observe what is within and without that the roots of violence within each and every one of us may be understood and destroyed.

Since 2013, EXTINCTION WITNESS project work has included film production, generative memorials, online Extinction Grief & Creativity Forum, and a collaborative eighteen-month creative witness with attention to the critically endangered and extinct, including languages. The creative witness, which revolved on a monthly basis February 2014 – September 2015, was offered via Mailchimp. Contributors included project originator, writer, and director Megan Hollingsworth, a few other writers, and several visual artists, including Denise Monaghan, Bryan Holland, Jeff Cain, Chris Jordan, and Tom Murphy.

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