In 2018, after three and a half years of production with five issues and a retrospective complete, DARK MATTER: WOMEN WITNESSING partnered briefly with EXTINCTION WITNESS under fiscal sponsorship of Empowerment WORKS Inc.

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Following is a description and link to the issues produced under fiscal sponsorship along with the current call for submissions, general submission guidelines, and link to the journal archives.

From the start, DARK MATTER: WOMEN WITNESSING has been a labor of love made possible by volunteered writing and editing.  Please consider supporting DARK MATTER with a gift to ensure the journal’s ongoing. Contact information below.

The opinions expressed by contributors to DARK MATTER aren’t necessarily those of the editors or EXTINCTION WITNESS. Authors retain all rights to their work with appreciation for reference to publication in DARK MATTER when the work appears elsewhere online and in print.




In 2019, DARK MATTER completed a three-part series exploring What does it mean to heal? Editorials for the What does it mean to heal? series continue a tradition of abridged dialogue among contributing authors who were able to participate in each conversation (transcript and audio recordings included). This editorial practice stems from founder and editor Lise Weil’s intent to nurture intimacy among and community support for contributing authors and visual artists. Your thoughts are welcomed via the comments section accessible at the end of each article. Enjoy!


Issue #8, April 2019: What does it mean to heal? Part III

predominately reflections on death,

leading with a tribute to visionary anthropologist Deborah Bird Rose, who passed December 2018


Issue #7, November 2018: What does it mean to heal? Part II

reflections on Village Medicine, injury, and endurance


Issue #6, May 2018: What does it mean to heal?

reflections on cancer, nurture, death, and dying 

DARK MATTER Journal Archives


Issue #9: “HOW DO WE KNOW??”—DEADLINE: October 4, 2019

“ ‘What exactly is knowledge? Is it a thing, an event, a practice, a movement toward? What does it mean to be intelligent? What is the nature of knowledge? What is worth passing on?’ So asks Manulani Meyer in her book on Hawaiian epistemology Ho’oulu: Our Time of Becoming. Dark Matter issue #9 will be devoted to these questions.We believe they are crucial at a moment where habitual ways of knowing and assessing knowledge are proving inadequate to the enormous risks and challenges facing all life on Earth. We welcome material that addresses them in the form of critical essay, theory, poetry, narrative prose, visual art or any combination thereof.”

Please visit the DARK MATTER: WOMEN WITNESSING website for the full Call for Submissions and Guidelines.

Contact: Editor[at]DarkMatterWomenWitnessing[dot]com